Harry Potter Head Canon.

A place to post your personal canon.

Harry Potter Personal Canon.
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Post your personal canon for the Harry Potter world.

This is a community to post your personal headcanon for the Harry Potter world.

"Personal canon is "What happened, as far as I'm concerned." Most fans have some kind of personal canon. Personal canon also includes things that didn't happen on the screen, but one feels they happened off-screen. Personal canon tends to incorporate 'shipping desires, backstories, aftermaths, and anything else that might be found in fanfiction. If something didn't happen in canon, but you believe in your heart of hearts that it did happen, that is your personal canon." - Merlin_Missy.

"My readers have to work with me to create the experience. They have to bring their imaginations to the story. No one sees a book in the same way, no one sees the characters the same way. As a reader you imagine them in your own mind. So, together, as author and reader, we have both created the story." - J.K. Rowling.


What can be posted?

Personal canon about:
- Characters in the Harry Potter world.
- Ships both canon and fanon in the Harry Potter world.
- Family relationships and friendships in the Harry Potter world.
- Places in the Harry Potter world. (E.g. Hogwarts, Malfoy Manor etc)
- Aspects of the Wizarding World. (E.g. Magic, Wizarding Society, Wizarding History etc)

- Not sure if something counts as personal canon? Feel free to message the mods!

How should it be posted?

- Feel free to write anything from a few lines or paragraphs to a long essay. If it is a long piece, put it under an lj-cut and try to keep it to 1 character, place, 'ship or aspect per post.
- Your personal canon can be about before, during or after the canon in the books (and films, depending on what you count as canon).
- Art or photographs which contain examples of your personal canon are welcome. They should be under an lj-cut. If they are not your art or photographs, credit the artist or site and don't hotlink.
- Links to fanfiction which contain examples of your personal canon you are posting about are welcome. Do not post fanfiction, just link to it. If it is not your work then mention the author's name.
- Tag your posts. If you don't see the tag you need, contact tabitha666 and we'll add it.

Other stuff:

- Multiple posts on the same character, ship, place or aspect are allowed and encouraged! Feel free to just comment on someone else post with your personal canon or make your own post with your personal canon. (E.g. Someone posts about Dumbledore, you can post about Dumbledore too.)
- Disagree with someone's personal canon? Feel free to discuss it with them in the comments but remember that it is their opinion which they are entitled to. Do not attack people for their personal canon. It's just that - personal canon.
- Like someone's canon? Remember to comment!
- Off-topic posts will be deleted.
- If you want to pimp your community contact a mod first.
- Want to affiliate? Contact the mods!


Any problems/questions/comments contact:

The Moderators: hp_hcmods

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